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January 05, 2009


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Yay to keeping the doll play going! We had a battery-free Christmas save for a couple of gifts from the grandparents. Liam wanted a bow and arrow, strangely enough. And thank you for recommending Mary's Little Donkey. We got a copy just before Christmas and Liam and I are really enjoying it.


For some reason my kids were not happy about Mary's Little Donkey and they were really bummed that the advent calendar didn't offer chocolates this year. Piper received a bow and arrow last year from Santa and a Schleich Sioux family and tipi this year- looks like we will be heading to Custard's Last Stand for a family trip soon.


Hi, its Sue's friend Mo.

One of our girls, Katelyn got Molly for Christmas when she was maybe 11? She got a matching dress and it was lovely. We went to Sears and had pictures done. Never did get them to the Grandparents...When we went to New York a few years ago, Kate was at Mac and she came with us. One of our first stops was the then brand-new American Girl Place at Times Square. Mecca!

I was over at Sue's when she was wrapping, and saw the beautiful outfits laid out for each grandchild. They were so pretty and I remember helping my mother buy outfits like that for my kids and their cousins. Such fun!

I have never forgotten what a beautiful baby Theo was. Remember when we met you at the Garden Centre Christmas Show? I think she was about 5 months old, and soo beautiful.



Ohhh Jen! I just went to the American Girl link. So many great things....did you see the violin and music? What is Theo's girl's name? And as far as the soft dolls go, they can never be forgotten. Glad to see Piper's little boy sees the light.
Winter is magical through your lense.


Sue, I haven't seen the violin yet and her doll is part of the Just Like Me series but she chose a girl who doesn't look like her and ironically the two people we know chose that one as well- Maia - I wish she had chosen an historical one but we can get her old fashioned clothes and create our own.
and Mo, I remember that trip- that was a great stage for me with Theo!
And I have to tell you I met Katelyn this summer and I looove her!


Ooops, I just followed the link to American Girls, and the doll Katelyn has is Samantha, not Molly! My memory, she ain't what she used to be!

Kate did tell me how much she liked you too, but I had forgotten. Quite the mutual admiration society.... She had such a good time there at the cottage that weekend. She is coming home in Feb and I know Linden is at the top of her list for a visit.

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