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January 30, 2009


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Marybeth Dickerson

I think you would love the school that my children go to. We live on Whidbey Island in WA. We have a waldorf school here on the south end which is rural and beautiful. WE have a beautiful school surrounded by 100 acres of woods. the children are outside much of the time and everyday. We use to have a full time outdoor kindergarten, meaning never inside. Check out the website www.wiws.org BTW the website is being completely changed and updated soon.

Marybeth Dickerson

Oh and if you do not know about Helle Heckman look for some of her books. Nokken is one. You would love her.


Thank you so much- the photo of the school says it all-beautiful- I did really enjoy the website and found myself reading the FAQ's although I should know them by now. I have a new contract to market our school and I was struggling with the suggestion to emphasize our rich program yet in truth most public schools offer the same- on the surface- but it is something much deeper that draws the family and I kept wanting to connect it to something larger without getting blank stares and reading your school's explanations with fresh eyes gave me the answers. I then read an article written by Helle on being a teacher and it was equally inspiring from the inner city perspective- the reality of most situations at home - so good stuff- thank you, thank you, this is all great for the documentary too.


Love the tour....I must walk it when the weather changes. Looks like the perfect place for a condo....Love Sue


Neat pictures....not much snow, unlike whichever London you wish to choose!
Katelyn went to London for the weekend to visit friends and had to struggle to walk to the train station in order to get the last train out for the Chunnel.
If I were living in TO, of the neighbourhoods I know, I would choose The Beaches or The Kingsway.


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