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July 31, 2009


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Do you remember that your dad was the last physician for the historic jail, before it became a museam. This part of the world is simply fabulous.

Half Magic Mama

That would make it 11 things I love about Goderich

Amanda B

Hey thank you so much for making mention of my Amy Butler puse. :)
The first time I walked over that bridge I was amazed to see a tie that had my initial my future husband's initial and what would become our last name. It made me feel so happy. Goderich is a great town. We love coming to visit.


Another thing I like about Goderich is that it isn't Toronto, or Picton or Coney Island. It's beauty and history are understated and classy without being too commercial. I also like that Goderich is becoming more unified as ONE town - not just the harbour or just the Square or JUST the YMCA - it's ALL of that...and more.

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