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Such a gorgeous quilt--what a talented Nana someone has!

My eight-year-old DD is starting to show signs of the nine-year-change, and making something just for her is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

I am having a monstrous time trying to cope with my dear 9 yr old daughter at the moment! Consequently I was so pleased and grateful to read the Waldorf information on the 9 year transition. Reading this about the beautiful quilt was inspiring indeed and has helped me to reframe my approach to helping my daughter through this life stage. Thanks so much!

How beautiful! I love the quilt and all the meaning it holds for your daughter. So inspiring.

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perfect timing - my Master S who is just turned ten has been going through this! Lovely quilt! xx Found you via Owlet - Rach xx

Wanted to thank you for this post. I've been saving it (maybe from a yahoo group?) for a few years. My daughter just turned 9 and I made her her own quilt- my first one!- and she loved it immediately. Calls it her Keeping Quilt from a story she read in school about a russian family that made a quilt from their clothes, and it was passed on for generations. She's integrated it into her daily life seamlessly, and I wanted to thank you for your idea!

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